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Warsaw Return #2

Maciej Szajkowski (Warsaw Village Band) says: ‘Just when you think you’ve seen everything in folk music, you come across a band like Odpoczno.’But could it be quite the opposite? When you know absolutely nothing about Polish folk music, you come across a band like Odpoczno. And the show begins…I had…

Traditional music kitchen
Traditional music kitchen
Warsaw Return #1

Kapela Maliszów – the Malisz Family Band – is  already familiar to the Hungarian audience. The band formed by Jan Malisz and his two children Zuzanna and Kacper performed at Budapest Ritmo in 2016, also appeared in Sambucus Festival this summer, on Saturday they are giving a concert at Fonó Budai…


On their album, the “Hurdy-Gang” trio have decided to carry out a rather peculiar undertaking tottering on the boundary between authentic folk and oriental-historic world music. The LP’s foundations include strong musical traditions ranging from Hungarian folk music to tunes from Asia Minor, and…

Starts Here, Ends Here
Starts Here, Ends Here
The debut albums of Máté Kalász and Attila Mihó

According to Béla Bartók, the definition of a folk song is “something that was sung by many and sung for long”. Máté Kalász and Attila Mihó are characters and prime violinists of the authentic folk music “current” whom there’s much to say about: they are two of the most active young musicians with…

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