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Back to the future
Back to the future
Warsaw Return #11

The story of the Polish band POLMUZ is a good example of what happens if a long-forgotten piece of music falls into the right hands. Some shellac recordings found on a flea-market, a Soviet analog synthesizer from the 80’s added to a seemingly traditional jazz trio, and multi-generational yet…

The Sounds of a City
The Sounds of a City
Warsaw Return #5

We picture Katowice as an industrial city, although since 2015 it proudly bears the title UNESCO “Creative City of Music”, in 2017 it hosted WOMEX and is renowned for its large-scale music festivals as well. Over the last years the capital city of Upper Silesia has become one of the largest cultural…

Warsaw Return #2

Maciej Szajkowski (Warsaw Village Band) says: ‘Just when you think you’ve seen everything in folk music, you come across a band like Odpoczno.’But could it be quite the opposite? When you know absolutely nothing about Polish folk music, you come across a band like Odpoczno. And the show begins…I had…

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