Ritmus és hang

”I’ve always been chasing the typical things”

2017. június 05. - Ritmus és hang

Béla Kása - Self portrait Had a beat-band at the age of 13, marvelled at the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on cheap photos, watched wide-eyed the Hungarian pioneers of beat music from the windows of the legendary Bosch-klub in Budapest. This bustling and fantastic world was what he had to leave…


This is a gigantic musical pool you can always dive into

This September sees the 20th anniversary of the “Last Hour program (Utolsó Óra Program)”, the project called to life by a handful of enthusiastic folk musicians, ethnographers, photographers and filmmakers in the Fonó Music Hall. The most grandiose idea of collecting folk music at the turn of the…


Folk music is not the doorstep to world music World music can not make folk music more popular

Mihály Rosonczy-Kovács is a musician of the Hungarian FolkEmbassy , a folk band, and of Romengo, a world music band that draws on the oláh-gipsy traditions. He is the head of the Philidor Institute, which also functions as the foreign relations bureau of Fonó Music Hall. He was interviewed on the…


I believe in the globalisation of the mouth harp

Although he came out with one of the most exciting albums of recent times with his band: Zoord they are less known in Hungary than in Yakutia or Japan. He is more inspired by undiscovered paths than the mainstream, which he considers to be dull. Áron Szilágyi is not only a member of the band Zoord…